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3 new pages

There are 3 new pages on my website!!!!!!! They are the header page, the profile page, and the pick up page! You can order a header or a profile picture on my website for free 🙂 🙂  And in less than 1 day It will be ready! – unless I am out of town, or at a friends house or something like that 🙂 WEll most of the time I will get your header or profile picture early!! Well visit these pages and order yourself some pictures!!


new profile pic

I have a new profile picture!!!!!! This is it: so if you find a profile picture like this it is mine!!!! And now I can make your profile pictures and headers!!  Visit profile page and the headers pages! for more info, and plz dont copy my profile pic!!


I’m sorry I havent poste din a while 😦 😦 oh well,  I might get a webkinz collie Today or tommorow!!!!! I am sooo exited The collie is so cute!! I havent had any newz for a while… so if you have any newz e-mail me at:




New pets adopted in webkinz world

You may have read about the eagle, floppy pig, clipmunk, and the chickadee coming to webkinz world…. Well they are here!! I got this picture from 

w-cares news

I was on webkinz world, and I seen an advertisement for a new w-cares pet of the month!! The w-cares pet of the month is the SEAL!! You don’t get a special prize for this type of pet of the month.. Well the whole thing isn’t about pet of the month! ITs about a new w-cares seal! And the first regular sized webkinz that is a wcares! You may have read this was coming soon a while ago on webkinzinsider, but now it really happened!!! I am soooo excited i found this out by an advertisement!! here is the picture of the advertisement:

How to draw webkinz

THere is a new page open on my website!!! The HOW TO DRAW page it is all about how to draw webkinz!! And I will upload a video, for the webshow VERY soon – today or tommorow, sorry It took so long!

New kinzstyle clothing

There are 3 new kinzstyle clothing in the kinzstyle shop here they are:

They are called:

sleveless hoody

hoody pants


varsity jacket

Here is a pic of the new clothes: