hi!! 😀 its lyssielu here and ya may be wondering what i am going to talk about right??????

wellll here it is……………





farther down








 a little more










 not much more









 MADE IT!!!!




(I edit copied this from my widgets and changed the color so its easier to understand what I copied and wha I didn’t)


  • 4,726 Getting better, but not there YET!

SO ARE WE GOING TO GET 5000 HITS????????????????????????????????????????????????? if we do I will make a surprise for you guys and you want that surprise I just know it!!!!

So here is what I want you to do:

*  advertise for me

* Tell your friends for me

* Talk about my blog  on comments on other blogs but don’t tell people to go to it, but some people will be curious and go to my blog.



PS – In all of these say my blog address so they know where to go


1 Response to “********”

  1. 1 smallfry23 November 28, 2008 at 9:56 pm

    😦 how did u get so much 😦 i only have 1,661 and …. u have 4,000 can u advertise for me?
    ~Small Fry 23

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