Today’s 25 Days of Kinzmas event-10 Things to do with your Kinz During KinzMas

10 things to do with your kinz during Kinzmas:



1. Decorate

I’m sure your kinz won’t mind decorating for Kinzmas with you!!!!!!!

2. Read

Have you ever thought of reading with your Kinz like you do with little brothers/sisters/cousins?

3. Hot Chocolate

Your webkinz can be cold too! So be sure to find a small mug and ‘fill’ it with hot chocolate for your kinz!

4. SantaKinz

Got a webkinz that could be fit for SantaKinz? Well if you do you        can make your webkinz meet him!

5. Snow

Play around with your webkinz in the snow! They will sure have fun! (P.S. be sure to not get them to wet! And before all the snow melts try shake it off to prevent your kinz getting wet.)

6. Movies

Watch some great Kinzmas Movies with your Kinz!

7. Build a Snowman

Build a snowman with one of your kinz! You can even make a small one for them!

8. Sleigh Ride

Many people like sleigh rides, right? Well I’m sure your webkinz do! So when you hop on a sleigh this year be sure to bring a   couple of your kinz

9. Be in Style

What’s a better thing to do for Kinzmas than dress your webkinz        in style? Nothing, that’s right, nothing! So buy your webkinz some winter kinzstyle items or make some clothes for them your own! (You can find out how to make clothes for them on your own on Dec. 16)

10. Sledding

Make a small hill in your backyard and have your kinz sled down it! (A plastic bowl or plate will work for sledding!)









2 Responses to “Today’s 25 Days of Kinzmas event-10 Things to do with your Kinz During KinzMas”

  1. 1 webkinzcontestz December 1, 2008 at 9:17 pm

    those are awesome ideas!!!!! i cant wait for more activities on the 25 days kinzmas!!! 😀

  2. 2 lyssielu December 1, 2008 at 11:11 pm

    thanks 😀

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