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I made this poll and I need at least 2 more people to vote!! so here is the link to the poll:






go to the Kinzmas stories page!!!!! I added one that was a subittion from smallfry23!! Its a really good shorty story!!!!  This page is also new!!

Todays Kinzmas Event-Coloring Contest

Here is my coloring contest!!! First contest at my blog for the 25 days of kinzmas!!!!!! 😀 this contest will be awesome!!!!! your job is to make a new webkinz christmas tree (colored on paint on your computer) and save the tree as a picture!! e-mail the picture to me at: OR you can post it on your blog saying its for a contest and be sure to post a link as a comment on my blog!!!!!  FOR BOTH OF THESE YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR WWID (USERNAME) OTHERWISE YOU CANNOT PARTICIPATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



********Secret Santakinz Extending********

I am extending the Secret Santakinz drawing!!! Now you can sign up until the Saturday!! So get more people to sign up!!!!! 😀 (brothers, sisters, cousins, friends, anyone else!!) We hope you sign up and here is the link to sign up:





omg REMEMBER wks contest??? You won the last prize (aka pet code!!) I copied all the comments and put them on microsoft excell and they numbered them!!! your was 700!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! here is a picture of them on microsoft:

smallfry23 you won