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Todays Kinzmas Event-25 Days of Kinzmas Song Contest

Ok!! So here is todays 25 days of kinzmas event!! You must e-mail/comment/post(on your blog) your entery!! If you post on your blog be sure to leave me a link!! And my e-mail is So here is basically what you have to do…..


On the 1st days of kinzmas my webkinz gave to me a poodle named fluffy…..

On the 2nd day of kinzmas… and so on!! YOU MAY NOT COPY MINE!!!!! thanks!! 😀 – my e-mail!!





Yesterdays Kinzmas Event-Make Mrs. Claus Costume

ANOTHER contest!!  😀 YAYAYAYAY!!!!! You know the Santa Kinzstyle outfit?!?!?! Well this time you have to make the Mrs. Claus kinzSyle outfit!!!! This MUST be original!! You can make it on the pet or like how it looks when its in your dock!! And PLEASE make this on paint NO COPYING!!!!! you can e-mail it/post it on your blog!!

 my e-mail is

thanks and PLEASE advertise for me so I can get more people!!!!