Todays Kinzmas Event-Meet Santakinz and Comet

Today/yesterday (depending on what time it is right now) you got to meet SantaKinz but it was on such SHORT notice!!!! so on sunday the 14th you can meet santa AND comet!! because saturday was supposed ot be meet santakinz and sunday was supposed to be meet comet we do obth on the same day!! on sunday the 14th!!!! Well here is ALL the info:

TIME-1 PM kinztime

Date- december 14th

Username- cometdeer101

zone color- red

place- cometdeer101’s house

WHAT YOU GET- lyssielu will take a picture of you with santakinz and/or comet, you will talk with santakinz and/or comet!!!

P.S. Please do NOT go into any other rooms in the house!! Only the one for santakinz and comet!!!!!! All the doors will be blocked!!! And be on my blog when you are with santakinz or comet cuz there will be a post saying ‘meet santakinz and comet chat’ and webkinzcontestz and I will be talking ONLY with the pet who is sitting with them in the house!!



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