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New Years

New Years is coming!!!!! it will be AWESOME!!!! I already have some AWESOME things to do this year!!! you will love them!!! 😀 and like my new header???? it was supposed to say “lyssielu” at the bottom but I have to many pages!! so that wont show up but whatever!!! idc!!!!!! 😀 there will be a few news tommorrow!!!! about new ‘stuff!!!!!’ but I cant tell you until JANUARY 1ST!!!!!!


Does anyone not want to leave December or 2008?? I dont 😦  I wish 2008 was forever!!! I dont want to go to 2009!!!  But when its time to go to 2010 I wont want to leave 2009!!! It happens every year 😦 and it is the most hated part of the new year for me 😦